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YouTube has become extremely popular in the Middle East making it a viable channel for reaching large audiences across the region. In this post we will examine the most popular YouTube channels in the Arabic language based off the total number of views each channel has received. It probably goes without saying but it should be noted that since view counts are constantly increasing you will find the view counts larger on each channel mentioned here.


Top Arabic YouTube Channels


1. MBC Group – 997,914,471+ views and 2,029,001+ subscribers


MBC group ranks as the number one Middle East YouTube channel. With 10 different television channels and three different online platforms including a video on demand website,, similar to Hulu in the US it is no wonder why they have more YouTube views than any other Middle East Website. Programing on their YouTube channel ranges from children’s cartoons, to soup operas, to comedy shows, to reality TV shows, and beyond. Despite there being a wide array of content on the MBC YouTube Channel the most popular video clips by far are taken from episodes of Arabs Got Talent and Arab Idol.  Many of the shows like Arab Idol and the Voice that are under the MBC umbrella have successful YouTube channels of their own.


2. Melody TV – 557,570,761+ views and 684,902+ subscribers


Melody ranks second among MENA YouTube Channels. It is another leading satellite TV network in the Middle East that has a strong presence online.  Despite Melody’s wide array of content online from Movies to TV shows to Music their YouTube channel is dominated by short Arab pop music videos.  Melody considers itself a “window into the liberal Arabic world.” One interesting fact this probably helping to increase Youtube video view from Melody is the fact that it uses embedded YouTube videos on its own website, Melody, instead of using its own video player.  Melody also has several other dedicated YouTube channels for each other their popular satellite channels.


3. Arab Idol – 367,033,268+ views and 1,289,368+ subscribers


Arab Idol is the third most popular YouTube channel in the Middle East. As part of the larger MBC Group Arab Idol is probably the most popular TV show in Arabic today. During each season of Arab Idol fans across the MENA region are glued to their TV’s waiting to see which talented Arab musician will progress to the next round. As you can imagine the best and most entertaining clips from the episodes get uploaded to YouTube and get watched over and over again.


4. Al Jazeera (Arabic) – 243,510,685+ views and 383,017+ subscribers


Al Jazeera is the fourth most popular Middle East YouTube channel but clearly the most well known of the list across the world.  With daily breaking news, a variety of editorial content, and a reputation for high quality reporting in the region Al Jazeera has earned a large market share among Arabic speakers. Al Jazeera gets a large number of its total views from its short news clips that are uploaded several times an hour. It is worth mentioning that the English Al Jazeera channel actually has more views than the Arabic version as it appeals to a more global audience.


5. AlAanTV – 236,472,846+ views and 240,556+ subscribers


Al Aan occupies the fifth spot in our list. Al Aan is a network that offers news and programing geared specifically to women in the Middle East similar to the Lifetime Network.  From a popularity perspective it appears the news and news related stories are actually the most popular on YouTube despite the fact that their women’s focused programing occupies more of their attention.  It appears that Al Aan also uses embedded YouTube videos on their own sites, which can help increase view counts.


6. MBCTheVoice   – 207,378,748+ views and 997,952+ subscribers


The Voice is the sixth most popular YouTube channel on our list.  The Voice is similar to other reality contests in the region like ArabsGotTalent and Arab Idol. The show’s premise is to search for and find the most beautiful and talented voices in the Arab world.  The most popular videos on this channel are the best and most well receive performances from various The Voice episodes.


7. EyshElly – 187,523,935+ views and 1,551,209+ subscribers


EyshElly is the seventh most popular YouTube channel in the Middle East.  The channel is the platform for a comedy show hosted by a popular comedian and actor Badar Salah. Badar, or BidzSaleh as he goes by on social media, is recognized by his long whitish gray hair and his over the top eastern Saudi Arabian accent.  The show has more has over 1.5 million subscribers and unlike many of the other YouTube channels in the top 10 it does not show its videos on another site or online platform.


8. Al Arabiya  –  157,170,964+ views and 329,883+ subscribers


Al Arabiya takes the eighth position in our top ten list. Al Arabiya is another popular news station in the Middle East and is also part of the larger MBC group already mentioned on this list. Some of their most popular video clips on YouTube consist of the popular news stories and clips from other Al Arabiya editorial content.


9. Sa7i Channel – 150,248,976+ views and 1,045,110+ subscribers


Sa7i (pronounced Sahey) occupies the second to last position in our list of most popular channels. Sa7i has close to 20 different programs of which the “Broadcast Show” and “Wesh Tehs Boo” have the most popular clips.  Both shows are also Saudi Arabian. The Broadcast Show is about an insightful comedy show that focuses on funny issues, events, and attitudes related to Gulf Arabs and their families. Wesh Tehs Boo is hosted by a small boy who pokes fun at adult Arabian society through absurd childish imitations.  Sa7i has gained enough popularity that their shows have attracted sponsorships from global brands such as Sprite.


10. Elissa  –  127,800,373+ views and 396,716+ subscribers


In the last and final position in our top 10 list is Elisssa.  Elissa is an Arabic pop musician from Lebannon.  Her YouTube channel is full of music and video clips from her many pop music albums from the past 2 decades. Elissa actually has many more channels views than her official verified YouTube channel indicates. There are various unofficial channels for her music on YouTube and YouTube itself Auto-generated a channel with a collection of her music here.


What do you think? Which YouTube channel or show is your favorite? Are there other channels that should have made this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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