About us

استزادة – istizāda – “a striving for more; pursuit of an increase, expansion or extension; desire or request for more”

           – Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic



IstiZada is a full service internet marketing agency which focuses on the Middle East and the Arabic speaking world. Based in Amman Jordan, IstiZada is strategically situated to deliver great service and amazing results for our clients in the Middle East and North Africa. IstiZada helps clients both in and outside of the Middle East reach Arabs in lucrative markets like the GCC, the Levant, and North Africa in both Arabic and English. Notable areas of expertise include: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media, Arabic localization, and translation. We partner with agencies and businesses around the world, opening their doors to the rapidly growing Arab market.



After living in the Middle East and learning internet marketing, our founder discovered a huge opportunity in the Arabic speaking world where many of the newest online business models had yet to catch on. He saw a market on the verge of huge growth and wanted to be at the center of it. Equipped with several years of digital marketing experience working with Fortune 500 companies, he partnered with a friend in Amman Jordan to start a truly unique internet marketing company geared towards companies who needed marketing services tailored to Arabs. IstiZada was birthed and we have been helping clients reach the Arab World ever since.


If you desire to be more effective with your marketing in the Arab World, we can help you attract customers by crafting and executing high performance online marketing campaigns tailored to engage Arabs.


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Ben Moller

"After starting to get some Arab clients for our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center we decided to launch an Arabic website targeting Arabs across the Middle East. A few months after launching the website we came to IstiZada to help us increase our Arabic website traffic. IstiZada used both Arabic SEO and PPC to increase our traffic from the region. As a direct result of these campaigns we've seen monthly organic traffic increase by 740%. We now rank in the top positions on the first page of Google for many of our important Arabic keywords, and our average number of Arab clients each month has increased by more than 500%!"

Ben Moller, The Cabin


"We came to IstiZada looking for help attracting more Arab students to one of our architecture universities. Our initial goal was to attract about 100 student leads at our targeted cost per lead over the 3 month campaign. IstiZada used both Facebook and PPC ads to drive Arab students to targeted landing pages in both Arabic and English. IstiZada exceeded our initial goals and drove more than 2700 Arab student leads at a cost per lead that was a small fraction of our original target cost."

Damiano Antonazzo, Laureate Universities


"MyUS is an international shipping company that helps people around the world buy American goods online and easily ship them home. We engaged IstiZada to help us attract more customers in the Middle East and North African regions, areas where people have shown interest in our type of service. IstiZada setup Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that helped us attract new customers at half our original cost per acquisition goal. Last month was our best month yet, attracting more than double the number of signups we had previously maxed out at. Since Day One, IstiZada has been dedicated to our success and we look forward to a continued partnership."

Meaghan Thomas, MyUS


"We greatly enjoy working with IstiZada. They bring us unique insights and strategy recommendations to make our Middle East campaigns more successful. Of all the other agencies we work with in different emerging markets we enjoy working with IstiZada the most. Their quick turn around times and understanding of the region set them apart from the rest."

Alina Kozina, Espolanta


"Before we came to IstiZada for help we saw Arab markets as a great source of customers for our luxury chalet holidays in the Swiss and French Alps. Our challenge was we struggled to get consistent leads from wealthy Gulf Arab nations with our marketing efforts at the time. IstiZada helped us by using online marketing campaigns in Arabic & English targeted to Arabs to drive new leads. Now we have a steady stream traffic and new leads coming in from Gulf Markets."

Paul Schavemaker, Kings Avenue

"We needed a 264,000 word technical website translation from English to Arabic on short notice so we could launch our new Arabic website on schedule. IstiZada took on the entire project. They quickly and accurately finished both phases of the technical translation project by our agreed deadline. With IstiZada's help we were able to launch our Arabic website on time, so we can now start reaching Arabic speaking customers throughout the Middle East."

Anthony Beltran, 101domain


"I would like to thank Espolanta for the great work they made together with IstiZada to achieve great results!"

Devlet Butaev, Kaspersky Lab