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Arabic Conversion Rate Optimization

What is conversion rate optimization

Conversion optimization consists of analyzing and making changes to a site in order to increase the percentage of site visitors who take a desired action on the site like a purchase or a form submission.  The best and most successful companies on the web are constantly testing and analyzing their sites to find ways to make it easier for their visitors to take a desired action on their site.  These sites understand that small increases in the conversion rate on a site can translate into to increased revenues and higher profits.

What makes conversion optimization in Arabic across the Middle East complicated?

Its important to note that much of the conventional conversion optimization knowledge in the west doesn’t work the same when dealing with Arabic websites in the Middle East.  There are several reasons for this.


Language Direction 


To start with the Arabic language is written from right to left not from left to right like English and other latin languages.  This may seem like a small detail but it isn’t.  The direction a language is written in determines where people’s eyes are drawn to first on a page.  Individuals who are well versed in Arabic usability best practices understand that native Arabic speakers eyes are drawn to the top right of a web page first and then they make their way from right to left down a web page.  This means that websites that apply good Arabic conversion optimization technique have the most important content on the site in the top right corner of the site not in the top left of the site like English websites.


CTA – Calls to Action

arabic call to action

Another important point to make is that calls to action in Arabic can be very different from calls to action in other languages.  Directly translating a call to action from English to Arabic may not always serve you the best.  With different consumer behavior in the Middle East it is important to make calls to action on your website as relevant as possible to encourage site visitors to make purchase, fill out a form, or even give you a call.


Newer to the Internet

In general the average Arabic speaker is newer to the Internet than your average Internet user in the United States for example.  This often means that the Arabic speaker might not be used to using the same kind of sites that users in the west are using and in light of this they may engage with your site much differently.  Extreme caution should be exercised when making layout changes to an Arabic website when those changes are generating distracting elements on web pages that don’t serve a conversion function.


Socially Savvy Arabs

social icons middle east   Arabs are one of the most social people groups on the web and due to their involvement in social media networks the world saw social media used to start the revolutions of the Arab Spring.  It is important to realize the value of social media when optimizing a site for conversions.  Small conversions can be a sign of bigger conversions to come so it is important to track little conversions like getting a “Like” on Facebook or getting a Tweet on Twitter.  Middle Eastern customers engaging with your brand on social channels can be a positive sign for your online business.  Despite this it is important to realize that “Likes” and other social signals may not always directly impact your bottom line so they shouldn’t be the main measure of success for a campaign.  For example a Lamborgini dealership may get 100K “Likes” on Facebook but never make a sale because no one who “Liked” the page could actually afford a luxury car.


High Click Through Rates 

One possible side effect of Arab Internet users being newer to the Internet is high click through rates on both organic and PPC search result listings.  At the same time many sites find that despite these high click through rates, there are also high bounce rates that accompany the click throughs.  The proper conversion optimization techniques should be utilized in order to avoid high CTR’s resulting in high bounce rates.


Fear of Online Transactions

Many Arabs have never made an online purchase and are used to doing business in person.  Increasing your leads or conversions from Arabic speakers requires you to be aware of this fact.  Website owners need to go out of their way to assure site visitors that it is safe to make a purchase on their site.  This may include using more trust symbols like “Verisign”, the Better Business Bureau, or Macafee assure visitors that their transaction will be safe and secure.  Reducing there fears could also include a 30 day money back guarantee or some other promise that will help take away some of the risks involved in an online purchase.


Collectivist Society 

collectivist society

Unlike the West the Middle East is a collectivist society.  Websites that want to see the best results from their Arabic usability efforts will consider making their messaging appeal more to a collectivist mindset.


Respect for English content 

trust in english content online

Many Arabs are used to seeing a lot of Arabic spam on the Internet.  One way that Arabs can often validate a website is by checking to see if there is also an English version of the website.  This may sound silly but often times if a site is in both Arabic and English there is a much higher likelihood that it will be reputable.





Young Internet Users

Finally it is important to note most the Internet users on the web in the Middle East are relatively young compared to other regions of the world.  An effective Arabic conversion optimization campaign will include strategies for gearing your website imagery and messaging to this younger demographic.


Why IstiZada is the right choice for your conversion optimization campaign



online marketing toolbox

Having worked on both large and small conversion optimization campaigns in both the West and the Middle East we believe we are more than prepared to take on your Arabic conversion optimization campaign.  With just the right mix of Arabic speakers and Westerners we are able to combine our experience to produce the best results for your website in the Middle East and North Africa.





Action based on market research

 arabic contentWell other companies apply the same principles to almost every scenario we are proud to say that all our recommendations are based on thorough market research.  The Internet is constantly evolving and so are its users.  In light of this we make it a priority to base our work on current market realities in the Middle East.


Superior Customer Service and Project Management

We believe our customers are our most valuable marketers.  In order to bring in new business we aim to serve you and your team in a way that sends you bragging to all your friends about us both online and offline.  This means meeting and exceeding your expectations constantly and providing outstanding communication throughout your campaign with us.



IstiZada values integrity.  This means that at any point in your campaign with us we feel we can’t meet and exceed your expectations we’ll tell you.  We’ll also let you know how you might better invest your marketing spend to see better ROI for your efforts.



Arabic Conversion Optimization Pricing


Custom conversion optimization campaigns start at $2,500 a month.


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