LinkedIn Arabic Advertising – The time to start is now!


LinkedIn might not be at the top of your list when choosing social media platforms for advertising, but don’t write it off! LinkedIn is massively popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa for professionals and businesses looking to network.
Arabic Linkedin
LinkedIn is a great choice for advertising because the platform has done an excellent job in optimizing it for Arabic-language use. Arabic LinkedIn’s popularity goes hand in hand with the extremely high social media usage rates in the region. Social media penetration rates are on the rise throughout the entire Middle East, led by the Gulf region countries which are all approaching social media penetration rates of nearly 100%. LinkedIn always ranks among the top platforms for usage in Middle Eastern countries, though it is often discounted in advertising campaigns in favor of Facebook or Instagram. Keep reading to learn more about why Arabic LinkedIn is so important and how it can help boost your reach in the region.

The Ultimate Ramadan Marketing Guide 2024

Ramadan just like Christmas has become a season of increased consumerism and attention to shopping. With Ramadan sales predicted to reach record levels of USD $66 Billion this year, marketers need to understand how to effectively market during this season and take advantage of many of the opportunities it offers. This article will tell you all you need to know about Ramadan marketing, as well as give an overview of common Ramadan marketing mistakes that could be costly. We cover the various aspects of Ramadan marketing to help you be more successful with your seasonal marketing efforts in Muslim regions.

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The Ultimate Eid Al-Fitr Marketing Guide


Eid Al-Fitr – What is it?

As one of the biggest Muslim holidays, Eid Al-Fitr presents a great opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers across the Muslim world. By understanding the cultural and religious background of the holiday and the ways in which it is celebrated, marketers will be able to effectively target their approaches to a vast audience of consumers. From the holiday’s history to current market trends, this guide will break down what you need to know about Eid Al-Fitr to make the most of this opportunity. (more…)

UAE National Day Marketing

UAE National Day Marketing


Holidays in the Middle East, just like in other countries around the world, are important times for businesses to bring their A+ marketing games. One of the most notable holidays in the Arab world is the United Arab Emirates’ National Day, and is critical for anyone who does business in the country to know. This important national holiday is associated with heightened purchasing habits, resulting in tremendous business opportunities across the country, so marketers must understand how to effectively position their businesses to best take advantage.

Welcome to the internet’s most comprehensive English language marketing guide about this holiday. To help you optimize your UAE National Day marketing efforts, we provide in-depth background information, must-do steps, and mistakes to avoid.