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About Jordan Boshers

Jordan Boshers is the founder and Chief Digital Strategist at IstiZada.  Jordan leads a team of digital marketers focused on the Arab World including both native Arabic speakers and native English speakers. Jordan started IstiZada in 2012 after seeing vast opportunities in the Arab World online. Before starting IstiZada, Jordan led marketing campaigns for a wide variety websites while working for a couple of different online marketing agencies in San Diego, California which has one of the highest concentrations of online marketers in the world. Jordan has led online marketing campaigns for hundreds of websites and has generated millions in revenue for his clients.

During his time at IstiZada Jordan has helped both small and large companies inside and outside the Middle East to sell more to Arabs consumers and businesses. Combining great marketing tactics and the unique insights of an insider perspective of the Arab World, Jordan has been able to help IstiZada’s clients get more ROI from their marketing efforts with Arabs.

Due to IstiZada’s unique insights into marketing in the Arab World, Jordan has consulted with some of the top online brands in the world on how to improve their online marketing in Arabic and in the Middle East in general. Here is a list of some of IstiZada’s clients.

In June of 2016 Jordan founded and launched Tajmeeli, a website dedicated to educating Arabic speakers about cosmetic procedures. Using his insights into Arabic SEO and the help of the IstiZada team, Jordan led the growth of the website to rapidly become the largest cosmetic surgery website in the Arabic-speaking world. The Tajmeeli attracted more than 2 million monthly users at its peak and worked with top cosmetic surgery centers around the world. Jordan sold Tajmeeli to RealSelf in 2021 and stayed on with them through 2022 helping them grow Tajmeeli’s traffic further.


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Jordan Boshers and Blogging

Jordan is an avid blogger on the topic of digital marketing to Arabs. Some of his technical blog posts on Arabic SEO and web development are used as resources by web developers working with the Arabic language around the globe. Other articles he has written on the subject of marketing in the Arab World have resulted in him being interviewed by popular marketing publications like Campaign Magazine and Digital in the Round.


Websites that have cited Jordan’s work

Due to IstiZada’s dedication to providing valuable information on advertising in the MENA region many websites and publications have referenced or cited Jordan’s work. These include the following publications.


Organizations that use Jordan’s resources

In addition to some of the websites mentioned above some of the Arabic resources that Jordan has created are used by prestigious Universities and Organizations around the world including Cornell, California State University, Rice University, Middlebury, The United Nations, George Washington University and many others.


Jordan’s Hobbies

Some of Jordan’s hobbies include testing different online marketing tactics on his own websites, surfing, cycling, hiking, traveling, and listening to audiobooks, particularly in the Sci-Fi genre.


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