Arab Wealth Infographic

Arabian Money

Have you ever been fascinated with the rise of Arab wealth in the past half century? You’re not alone. In this infographic, IstiZada examines some of the most interesting facts about Arab money and wealth. From some of the top Arab billionaires to the amazing things oil money is doing in Arab countries this infographic has it covered.  The graphic starts with interesting facts about a few of the wealthiest Arabs in the Middle East and then segues into some stunning details about a handful of the most expensive luxury items in the region.  It’s not all glitz and glamor though, as you get halfway through the visual the theme switches to some of the amazing feats Arab wealth is accomplishing. Did you know that the two tallest buildings in the world are in the Arabian Peninsula? That’s right and the infographic outlines that, within a decade, the 3 tallest buildings in the world will be in the Middle East.  From there the infographic gets into ways oil wealth is being used to build a sustainable future by sending hundreds of thousands of Saudi Arabian students abroad for education in places like the United States and England.  To top that off, the graphic concludes with some amazing facts about two sustainability projects in the region. The first is a planned renewable resource project to use sunlight to produce desalinized water for farms in Qatar. The second is a self-sustaining zero emission city in the UAE.

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Arab Wealth Infographic

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