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Wafra Arabic Ad Network

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If you’re thinking of advertising your products in a country other than your own, it can be hard to know where to start. It’s a natural idea to gravitate towards looking into ad networks to distribute your ads. There are a couple of prominent ad networks in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) Arabic-speaking region, and Wafra is one of them. This article will give you all the details you need to know to get familiar with Wafra, its services, and its reputation in the region.



About Wafra Ad Network

Wafra Ad Network is known under the name Wafra Media. Wafra works with advertisers and publishers to connect them to one another and distribute ads to be viewed by consumers. Wafra partners with several major companies in the Arab world, including Namshi and Mobvista. They utilize data and vast digital media knowledge to make the advertising process more fruitful and efficient for everyone involved.



What Does Wafra Ad Network Do?

Wafra has a number of services that they offer. Their website lists customizable ad network technologies, a professional team who caters to advertisers’ needs, and strategy, research, and planning for campaigns as among their services.


Wafra Media are experts in several ad types that can be used to get your product offerings across. These ad types include Catfish Ads, Interstitial, Link2ad, Slider, Pop Up, Banner Ads,  Pop Under, and Notification Bar Ads. Wafra media also boasts several vertical markets that they specialize in, including, shopping, finance, sports, TV channels, mobile apps, downloads, streaming, entertainment, mobile content, and gaming.



Where are they located?

Wafra Media’s head office is in an unconventional location. It is located in Tortola, a city in the British Virgin Islands, which is located in the Caribbean. Despite being located in this scenic location, Wafra serves advertisers and publishers across the MENA and Arabic-speaking regions of the world.




Reviews for Wafra Ad Network

Wafra is heralded as the number one ad network in the MENA region. However, it’s essential to take a deep dive into the reviews for Wafra media before trusting this company with something as important as your money and advertising. Here’s a little bit more insight as to what the reviews for Wafra media say.


Wafra is used by over 8000 sites in the MENA region, a statistic that speaks for itself. However, there are some reviews on the publishing side (for those who want to make some extra money advertising on their site with ads provided by Wafra). However, these ads are sparse and it is tough to judge whether they are reputable or not. One reviewer states that while it is easy to get your sit approved on Wafra Media, the process of advertising takes time.


Generally, Wafra is a safe bet for advertising your products in the Middle East and Arab world, but maybe not for publishing. This reputable ad network has a proven track record of securing success for the advertisers it works with. Wafra Media can help facilitate the process of getting your ads out into a foreign market.


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