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Adwords Lead Quality and Performance Improvement Case Study of an IstiZada Financial Industry Client


A very large client in the Forex space came to us looking for more Gulf users of their platform. The company had been working with an agency that specializes in the investing industry but they had very little experience with Arabs and due this they were not getting the results they were hoping to get.


Increase the number of investors on their platform and improve the lead quality.



IstiZada used Google Adwords optimization to consistently increase results by improving performance and cutting advertising which wasn’t performing. IstiZada used of a variety of tactics including Arabic landing page optimization, keyword filtering, new Adwords features and improved Arabic ad copy. Overall IstiZada’s improved understanding of the GCC and other Arab markets helped us tailor ads and optimize the account to increase conversions and improve lead quality.


IstiZada discovered the sources, ads, and campaigns that were driving low quality leads and removed them. Through consistent optimization, seasonal campaigns, and better ad and landing page messaging IstiZada was able to increase signups by 114% comparing monthly sign ups year over year. In addition to increasing signups the quality of the leads improved drastically.