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SEO Case Study – Arabic Medical Website


In June of 2016 Tajmeeli.com launched as a brand-new website with no previous history in the Middle East or around the globe. Stakeholders wanted to take Tajmeeli from an unknown destination on the web to a large well-known cosmetic surgery information website in the Arabic language.

Tajmeeli Homepage Screenshot


From the launch of Tajmeeli the IstiZada team worked tirelessly to implement a variety of SEO and content marketing tactics to continuously improve the rankings of the initially small Tajmeeli website. Each month IstiZada directed its attention to creating new optimized content around new popular cosmetic surgery topics on Google. IstiZada also tested and implemented several different link attraction topics to grow the authority of Tajmeeli in Google.


IstiZada’s SEO efforts lead to huge results for Tajmeeli. Tajmeeli was thrust from an unknown small website to become arguably the most popular cosmetic surgery website in the Arabic language. Tajmeeli went from 689 visits a month in June 2016 to 962,512 visits in the month of July 2018. Tajmeeli now ranks in top positions on Google for thousands of cosmetic surgery keywords including hundreds of very competitive keywords.

Tajmeeli Results