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Zwaar Arabic Ad Network

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It’s crucial to keep track of the most well-known and successful local brands in your field while running advertisements abroad. You’ve probably heard of Zwaar Ad network if you advertise in the Middle East, and if you haven’t it’s definitely one to keep your eyes on. Everything you need to know about this network for advertising in Arabic in the Middle East will be covered in this article.


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About Zwaar Ad Network

Zwaar Ad Network was founded in 2009. They specialize in digital advertising, digital marketing, and e-commerce in the Middle East. They utilize a variety of technologies including Gorgias, Facebook Workplace, Cloudflare Website Optimization, Bootstrap, and more.


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What Does Zwaar Ad Network Do?

Zwaar ad network helps advertisers to monetize their traffic and draw in niche audiences for their advertising campaigns. Serving advertisers and publishers from the MENA region, they are known to provide advertising solutions and achieve fantastic results.


Zwaar emphasizes unique visitors and high-quality traffic in their advertising strategies. They tailor ad placement depending on the interests and behavior of certain groups of users to achieve better results.


Using a service like Zwaar is an especially good idea if it is your first time advertising in the Middle East or in Arabic. Their data-driven and targeted strategies help ensure efficiency and efficacy in advertising.


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Where are they located?

Zwaar is headquartered in Egypt, in a district called Nasr City, in the capital city of Cairo. This central location helps Zwaar to serve customers all over the MENA (Middle East North Africa) Arabic-speaking region.


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Reviews for Zwaar Ad Network

Zwaar has an excellent reputation for its advertising services in the Middle East. However, when deciding which network is best for your advertising goals, it is essential to delve into any specific reviews found about the network to ensure it’s the best for you.


First of all, it’s essential to be careful of scams when providing confidential business information to networks that will help you advertise. Zwaar scores 100% for their trustscore on scamadvisor.com, meaning they are a legitimate and vetted site that you can be sure is safe to share your information with.


Generally, reviews about Zwaar Ad Network online are positive, but they are far and few between. The business culture (along with the local culture) across the Middle East and the Arabic-speaking world is very community-based and rooted in familial values of trust and honor. Therefore, the best way to gain intel into the business culture there is by consulting with peers in your industry.  While the reputation of Zwaar Ad Network is strong, it is worth consulting with insiders who may know first-hand the value of their services and be able to advise you whether or not to proceed with this network for your specific project. Connections are everything!


To sum it up, Zwaar is a well-known and reputable advertising network in the Middle East. Their technological innovations make them vital in the local ad placement market, and they are a wonderful option for both advertisers and publishers to consider if they want to grow their businesses.

Jordan Boshers

Jordan Boshers is the Chief Digital Strategist at IstiZada, a digital agency that helps companies market to Arabs. He has 10+ years of experience running successful digital marketing campaigns in the Arab world. His insights into Arabic SEO helped him grow previously unknown websites to dominate Arabic niches on Google including growing one site from 0 to more than 1 million users monthly. Jordan has consulted for hundreds of companies including helping corporations like Amazon, Berlitz, and Exxon Mobil with their Arabic digital marketing. Learn more here or on LinkedIn.