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Technical Arabic Translation Services

IstiZada provides technical translation services in a wide array of fields and areas. Normal Arabic translation is one thing but when you are looking for technical Arabic translation and localization you need to make sure you are choosing a company that excels in Arabic. IstiZada is passionate about Arabic and because we know what we’re good at we only do English to Arabic translation as opposed to other companies that take on a variety of language projects. So if you’re looking for a company that specializes in Arabic you’ve come to the right place.


Types of Technical Translation

There are several types of technical translation projects we can work on depending on your needs. The important thing to note is that just because someone can translate one type of technical content well doesn’t mean they can translate all types of technical content well. Someone who is used to translating medical content from Arabic to English might not be ideal for translating complicated engineering specs. In light of this having the right translator for the right subject area can make a significant difference in the accuracy of the text and sometimes the delivery time for the translation.


Here are some of the types of technical translation we can provide

  • Engineering translation
  • Financial translation
  • Legal translation
  • Literary translation
  • Poetry translation
  • Medical translation
  • Government translation

Technical Arabic Translation

Types of Documents We Can Work With

  • Word files
  • PDFs
  • Manuals
  • Websites
  • Excel files
  • Blog posts
  • Technical Specification Documents
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • InDesign Documents
  • Many others…


Localizing graphs and images with Arabic text instead of English

One thing that is often missed when first working with translation is imagery and graphs and other visual elements that are part of a text. If your goal is to clearly communicate your message to an Arabic speaking audience you need to also translate imagery with text content when it makes sense to do so. Below is an example of a diagram that was converted from English to Arabic to help reader get the concept of dropshiping more clearly.

example visual chart translation
A key part of the localization process is making sure that the content being translated, whether an image, graphic, or text, is culturally appropriate and meaningful in the target language and demographic. Sometimes a concept that makes perfect sense in English won’t hold the same value for someone from the Middle East, because of cultural differences and the inherent presence of culture in our languages. When we undertake a technical Arabic translation project, not only do we aim for seamless translations, but we make sure the content is conveyed in a manner that resonates well with whoever your target audience is.


Technical Arabic Glossary Creation

For niche industries it can often make sense for us to create a specialized glossary before the translation starts. This is especially the case if the translation project is very large and has to be done by several different translators. It may take extra time to create this glossary in the beginning of the project but the time it takes ensures accuracy and consistency. It also gives you a glossary to use for other document translation projects that may come up in the future.


Technical Document Translation Review

All of our Arabic translation goes through a two phase translation process where special attention is given to accuracy, consistency, and proper formatting. For technical translation it’s even more important that this review be done to ensure documents will be understandable and professional looking to Arabs.

If you need Arabic translations that were done by another company reviewed we can help with reviewing of these translations as well.


Common issues with low quality technical Arabic translation

Dialect Creep

Most technical Arabic documents should be written in Modern Standard Arabic so it can be understood by the widest Arabic speaking audience. This is the dialect used in the news, politics, engineering, medical, and legal texts. Despite this, many inexperienced translators substitute other Arabic dialect words in their translation. This should be avoided, because these dialect words can be hard to understand in other countries or make the translation sound unprofessional.

Inaccurate Translation of Specialized Vocabulary

In some cases you can find that poor quality translation fails to convey industry lingo or specialized vocabulary with the precision needed. For many industries it may make sense to create a specialized glossary before starting the bulk of the translation is done so that precise language is used consistently throughout your documents.
Machine Translator Misuse
With highly specialized machine translation tools at our fingertips, it can be tempting to use them for English to Arabic translation because of their ease and cost efficiency. However, sites like Google Translate or Reverso, while useful to a certain extent, often fall short of what is needed for longer text translations, especially with texts of a technical nature. Arabic is a rich language with complex grammar systems, and when errors are present in text due to machine translations, native readers certainly take notice.


What our clients are saying

We needed a 264,000 word technical website translation from English to Arabic on short notice so we could launch our new Arabic website on schedule. IstiZada took on the entire project. They quickly and accurately finished both phases of the technical translation project by our agreed deadline. With IstiZada’s help we were able to launch our Arabic website on time, so we can now start reaching Arabic speaking customers throughout the Middle East.

-Anthony Beltran, 101domain


Some of the Brands We’ve Translated Technical Content for

brands we work with

Technical Arabic Translation Rates & Pricing

As mentioned above rates and pricing for technical translation can vary significantly based on a variety of factors. The type of technical translation can have an effect on the price because certain texts may require a more experienced translator to translate it accurately and effectively. Other factors that can influence the price of the translation can be how quickly the project needs to be done, how much formatting is required, and whether or not customized graphics and imagery are needed.

Most of our projects are priced on a per word basis depending on the complexity and the scope of the project.

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