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استزادة – istizāda – “a striving for more; pursuit of an increase, expansion or extension; desire or request for more” – Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic

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Search Engine Optimization is a core strength of IstiZada and we believe it should be one of the pillars of a complete online marketing strategy in the Middle East. With most of the Arabic search space still relatively unclaimed SEO in Arabic can be one of the most cost effective ways to bring your business new traffic, sales, leads, and conversions online. Employing talent from some of the most competitive search spaces in the West IstiZada pairs great SEO skills with in depth knowledge of Arabic and Middle Eastern Culture.

PPC Management

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is still one of the most untapped marketing channels in the Middle East. With the number of Internet users in the region growing rapidly and sparse competition, PPC represents a low cost and effective way to reach Arabs. Proper PPC optimization requires a thorough knowledge of the language ads are being displayed in as well as experience running complex ad campaigns in platforms like Adwords. Few companies in the Middle East have the experience working with both large and small ad spend budgets to produce significant return on ad spend.

Facebook Advertising

The level of demographic targeting available on Facebook today makes it one of the best performing channels for marketing to Arabs. With the ability to target Arabs based on factors like interests, financial status, age, gender life events, and more, Facebook can be an extremely effect channel in the Middle East. The key to success with Facebook advertising is combining great targeting, compelling imagery, and ad-copy that moves your audience to action.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating amazing content and then syndicating and sharing it across online channels that your target audience uses with the purpose of achieving some business goal. Like anywhere else in the world Arabic speakers love great content so it is extremely important to know what content resonates with your target audience and how to use it to increase revenue for your business. We’d love to help you reach your digital marketing goals through Arabic content marketing.

Some of our Clients

Client Testimonials


"After starting to get some Arab clients for our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center we decided to launch an Arabic website targeting Arabs across the Middle East. A few months after launching the website we came to IstiZada to help us increase our Arabic website traffic. IstiZada used both Arabic SEO and PPC to increase our traffic from the region. As a direct result of these campaigns we've seen monthly organic traffic increase by 740%. We now rank in the top positions on the first page of Google for many of our important Arabic keywords, and our average number of Arab clients each month has increased by more than 500%!"

Ben Moller

The Cabin


We came to IstiZada looking for help attracting more Arab students to one of our architecture universities. Our initial goal was to attract about 100 student leads at our targeted cost per lead over the 3 month campaign. IstiZada used both Facebook and PPC ads to drive Arab students to targeted landing pages in both Arabic and English. IstiZada exceeded our initial goals and drove more than 2700 Arab student leads at a cost per lead that was a small fraction of our original target cost.

Damiano Antonazzo

Laureate Universities

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