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Arabic Travel Marketing Services

arabic travel marketing

Are you in the travel or hospitality industry and looking to attract more Arabs to your business? Look no further, IstiZada helps clients from around the world attract Arab customers using a variety of online marketing tactics tailored to Arabs.


Why you want to attract Arab Travelers



A large percentage of Arabs coming from Gulf countries have a high level of disposable income to spend on travel. Some of these Arabs are extremely wealthy and have vast sums of money to spend on extravagant holidays and vacations. For example, spending on outbound tourism among Saudi Arabians increased by 74% in 2023 compared to spending in the first half of 2022. In Saudi Arabia all sectors of the travel and tourism market recorded growth, most notably cruise vacations: spending for cruise tickets in 2023 increased over 130% from 2022. With trends in other Gulf countries mirroring Saudi Arabia’s strong numbers, it’s clear that Arabs are consistently making room for travel in their budgets. In addition to these extremely wealthy Arabs there’s also a large middle class in Gulf countries that has a significant amount of disposable income due to the fact that many Gulf countries do not tax personal income.


Arabs Travel with Family

Family is extremely important to Arabs and because of this a large percentage of Arabs tend to travel with their families. Especially in Gulf countries family sizes can be relatively large. To add to this, when we look at wealthy Arabs, many of them also travel with their staff including personal assistants, maids, and nannies for the children. For companies in the travel and hospitality industry this can mean that one new Arab customer can result in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.


Have developed a need for luxury

Due to the influx of oil in many Arab countries and a large number of wealthy individuals, Arabs have developed a taste for luxury goods and services. Shopping has become a past time in some Arab countries and Arabs have grown accustomed to dining out in their home countries. For the travel industry this means that Arabs will not only take advantage of the basic amenities in a location but will also spend more by frequenting shops and a variety of restaurants in the location that they visit, which will increase the total amount they spend in that location.

When it comes to traveling in style, Middle Easterners tend not to skimp. Reports show that travelers from the GCC region spend much more on average for outbound departures than travelers from the US or Europe, at around USD $3,000 per trip compared to the US average of USD $1,900. From luxury rental cars to business or first class tickets, there are a number of factors that contribute to this increased spending with Gulf region travelers and tourists.


A massive percentage of Arabs take extended summer vacations

For many Arabs traveling abroad for vacation is not just an option but it’s actually somewhat of a necessity. Due to the extremely hot summers in the Gulf, Arabs that have the money to travel abroad during the summer will almost certainly do so. In fact, if you ever happen to be in the Arabian Gulf during the summer you will notice that the cities empty out during the summer to the point that you can see a significant decrease in the population and traffic during those times. To add to this, these trips abroad aren’t usually just one or two week vacations but as a result of the heat in the Gulf at that time many Arabs will prefer to stay outside of their own country throughout the entire summer or at least a month or two. Summer vacations for schools in the Gulf run from mid-June to the end of August, allowing families with children the freedom to take extended holidays.



If you run an establishment that provides an amazing experience and excellent service, you’ll find that once you have your first few Arab customers you will begin to attract many more Arab customers after that because of the fact that most Arabs base a lot of their decisions off of referrals from friends and extended family members.



In addition to the referrals you’ll get for great service you’ll find that Arab customers tend to be extremely loyal. You will find that in many cases an Arab will come back to your business over and over again after their initial positive experience.


Why you should work with us instead of trying to reach Arabs on your own

So why should you work with IstiZada instead of trying to market to Arabs on your own? At IstiZada we’re obsessed with understanding Arab consumers better. Since we work exclusively with companies that are looking to reach Arabs we have come to understand both how to effectively market to Arabs and the best places online to reach various Arab segments.


Different types of travel services we can work with


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Amusement parks
  • Shopping destinations
  • Tours
  • Airlines
  • Travel agencies


Why you will love working with us?


  • We drive you qualified leads & sales
  • We understand Arabs
  • We are performance focused
  • We get results
  • Our results pay for themselves
  • We help you reach your goals
  • We will meet with you on your time zone


Success Story

paul“Before we came to IstiZada for help we saw Arab markets as a great source of customers for our luxury chalet holidays in the Swiss and French Alps. Our challenge was we struggled to get consistent leads from wealthy Gulf Arab nations with our marketing efforts at the time. IstiZada helped us by using online marketing campaigns in Arabic & English targeted to Arabs to drive new leads. Now we have a steady stream traffic and new leads coming in from Gulf Markets.”

Paul Schavemaker,
Kings Avenue

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Jordan Boshers is the Chief Digital Strategist at IstiZada, a digital agency that helps companies market to Arabs. He has 10+ years of experience running successful digital marketing campaigns in the Arab world. His insights into Arabic SEO helped him grow previously unknown websites to dominate Arabic niches on Google including growing one site from 0 to more than 1 million users monthly. Jordan has consulted for hundreds of companies including helping corporations like Amazon, Berlitz, and Exxon Mobil with their Arabic digital marketing. Learn more here or on LinkedIn.