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English to Arabic Translation Services


Are you looking for high quality English to Arabic translation and localization services? You’ve come to the right place. Notice we said English to Arabic translation services, not Arabic to English translation services. We believe that by focusing on understanding and then translating English into accurate Arabic allows us to provide the highest quality translations for our clients. As a company focused on reaching Arab consumers and businesses we specialize in Arabic and we intentionally avoid taking on translation projects of other languages. We know Arabic and we’re happy to focus on what we’re good at while leaving other language projects to companies that specialize in those services.

English to Arabic Translation Services

What sets IstiZada’s translations apart from the rest?

We are not solely a translation agency, instead we are an Arab world marketing agency that provides English to Arabic translation services. What’s the difference? The fact that our company is focused on helping clients around the world market and sell their products and services in Arab markets helps us to not focus on word for word translation but instead on copy that is likely to convince and convert Arab readers into customers.


Are you looking for fast translations into Arabic?

If you have a tight translation deadline, IstiZada can help you meet or exceed your deadline. Having built a large network of tested and experienced translators in addition to an in house team of editors and reviewers we are able to source, edit, optimize, and send you your translations in the shortest time possible. It is possible to get as many as 6 to 7 thousand words of translation done a day.  Also, because we have team members located around the globe we literally work round the clock and on weekends to get your project complete according to your specifications.


Types of content & products we can localize into Arabic

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Videos
  • Transcripts
  • Manuals
  • Packaging
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters



Important things to note about translating the English language to the Arabic language

  • Machine translation of English to Arabic is usually very inaccurate and should not be trusted
  • An English document that is translated into Arabic will often expand by about 25%
  • Due to text expansion, often times text documents need small tweaks to maintain formatting


Technical English to Arabic Translation

technical arabic translation

Technical translation presents some additional challenges in Arabic. Depending on the industry or the target audience careful consideration needs to be used when making technical Arabic translations. This is because for many countries in the Middle East some technical words have fallen out of use and in some cases have been replaced by transliterations of English or French words. In a country like Saudi Arabia you may be better off using a strict Arabic translation, whereas in a country like Lebanon there may be situations where an English or French word may be more suitable. With staff members on our team that have experience in Gulf Countries, Levant Countries, and North African countries we usually know the correct translation to use in various contexts.


Types of Technical Translation we can handle

  • Medical Arabic Translation
  • Regulatory Translation
  • Literal vs. Non-literal Translation
  • Legal Arabic Translation


Muslim & Arab Culture and Its role in translation

It’s important to understand culture and its role in translating content into Arabic. Many Arabic speaking nations are very conservative with Muslim roots. In light of this, consideration should be given to how concepts, and ideas are translated to not offend local customs and traditions. Many companies over the years have made the mistake of translating concepts or sayings improperly only to end up with a reputation issue on their hands. IstiZada’s translators are familiar with both Arab and Western culture and are able to make wise decisions about how to translate concepts that may be controversial.


Arabic Copy That Sells & Converts

Arabic Sales Copy

If you’re looking to just translate your message at the lowest cost possible, we probably aren’t the right company for you. However, if you’re looking for Arabic copywriting and translation that drives your customers and clients to action, you’ve come to the right place. As an online marketing company, we’re obsessed with helping our customers drive Arabs to some sort of a conversion action, whether that’s a phone call, a contact form submission, an email, a sale, a lead, or a signup. IstiZada is also obsessed with data, using the insights we’ve gained from managing marketing campaigns for clients throughout the Middle East we will make sure your translated content is tailored to your target demographic with an emphasis on driving conversions.


Localizing Imagery for an Arab Audience

Do you know that in some Arab countries potential customers could be offended by imagery that would be considered suitable in Western countries?

Companies often make the mistake of just localizing and translating their text content into Arabic while forgetting that imagery plays a significant role in accurately conveying their translated message. At IstiZada we can consult you on or find images for your Arabic translations that will be suitable for the market you are targeting.


Professional Project Management in English or Arabic

We pride ourselves on having a great staff and project managers that will help answer your questions, meet project deadlines, and make sure your Arabic translations meet your standards.

Another thing that sets IstiZada apart from the competition is we have a team member in or close to your time zone. This means we adapt to your schedule whether you’re in the Americas, EMEA, or APAC countries.

All our project managers are fluent in both Arabic and English and are used to dealing with customers across the globe.


Two Native Speakers Review All Translated Content

All IstiZada translations are reviewed by at least 2 native Arabic speakers and it some cases three native speakers. This ensures that your translation is accurate and clear.


IstiZada knows online

IstiZada has literally translated thousands of web pages of English content to Arabic. Given that we are first an Arab focused online marketing agency, we know what it takes to be successful online in the Arab world. This filters into our translations of websites and landing pages. We also can help if your content is in HTML format. Many of our translators have experience working with HTML so we can make sure your content gets formatted in a way that will be easy to upload directly to the web.

IstiZada can also, upload your Arabic content directly to your CMS. We have experience with the following content management systems


Arabic Website Localization

Right to Left Optimization

Arabic, unlike English, is a right to left language. This means that layouts need to be adapted for Arabic speakers. Arabic speakers will start reading a page from the top right corner and move through the document from right to left. Due to this images and text that would normally appear on one side of a page need to be flipped to the other side of the page to be optimized for an Arabic speaking audience.

Pricing for our translation services

We price translation services per word based on the source language. In this case it’s English. The reason for doing this is it’s hard to predict exactly how many words we will end up with when translating into Arabic because there is often quite a bit of expansion that happens. Basing our per word price on the English helps to avoid confusion and having to adapt quotes based on a moving target.
Per Hour English to Arabic translation

In some cases clients can request per hour translation services if it suits their requirements. This can be a helpful pricing method when we are reviewing translations.
 Client Testimonial 

We needed a 264,000 word technical website translation from English to Arabic on short notice so we could launch our new Arabic website on schedule. IstiZada took on the entire project. They quickly and accurately finished both phases of the technical translation project by our agreed deadline. With IstiZada’s help we were able to launch our Arabic website on time, so we can now start reaching Arabic speaking customers throughout the Middle East.

-Anthony Beltran, 101domain


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