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Arabic Instagram Advertising Management

Given the extreme popularity of Instagram in the Middle East its going to make sense for any brand that is targeting Arab consumers to be using this channel to attract attention, engagement, followers, leads and/or sales. Instagram is one of the newest social media networks to launch advertising on its platform.


Instagram Ads Arabic


Arabs love image content compared to text content. Instagram has become one of the most popular networks in the MENA and GCC regions because it allows users to share imagery that gives others insight into their lives. In closed societies like Saudi Arabia it can be hard to get this kind of visual insight into other’s lives so Instagram gives users insight that didn’t exist before.


How IstiZada can help you get results with Arabic Instagram Ads

As an Arab focused agency concentrated on performance marketing our goals center around getting clients direct response results from their advertising efforts with us. This means that in all forms of advertising we do to the Arab world we aim to drive sales, leads, signups, downloads, and other types of conversions that result in a monetary gain for your company.

Our Arabic Instagram Advertising service includes:

  • Research on your target audience
  • Determining the best targeting to start with
  • Development of a high level Instagram strategy
  • Ad message crafting
  • Ad image design
  • Account and campaign set up
  • Tracking setup
  • Ongoing optimization of ads and targeting
  • Monthly reporting
  • Translation of Arabic ads is also available upon request


Why Arabic Ads on Instagram Make Sense

Given the large number of users of Instagram in the Middle East and the large amount of time users spend on this channel, while they are abandoning other channels like Facebook, it absolutely makes sense for a B2C company to target consumers on Instagram.

The number of Instagram users in affluent countries like Saudi Arabia is said to be around 30% of the population, which makes it a channel you can’t ignore for marketing to consumers, especially among youth where the channel is even more popular. We consistently hear from locals in the region that they are spending less time on Facebook and more time on Instagram.


Demographic Targeting on Instagram in the Middle East

Given the robust targeting that Facebook offers and the fact that Facebook owns Instagram we can expect no less from Instagram in regards to targeting than Facebook offers. You can easily set up ads on Instagram by age, location, gender, etc. In fact the majority of the Facebook targeting options are also available on Instagram. If you’re already having success with visual news feed ads on Facebook in the unpublished post format, you will probably have a lot of success on Instagram as well.

The challenge with an image focused platform is the need to drive platform users to your offer with limited text. Regardless of your imagery and the appeal of that imagery adding text calls-to-action to those images is going to be essential to driving Arabic speaking Instagram users to your website. Video ads can also be a powerful way to get your message across because you can include a deeper explanation of your offer in a video then you can in just a few lines of text on an image ad.

Types of Instagram Ad Formats Available in the Arab World

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads


The growth of Instagram in the Middle East

With the rise of social influencers we have seen Instagram growing in popularity over the past few years. As a general rule Arabs consumers are very image conscious so products and services that relate to image can do very well on Instagram in the Middle East. For some demographics in the region Instagram is can attract much better results than Facebook even though both websites run on the same ad platform.


Instagram Advertising Management Pricing

Depending on the scope, the goals, and the number of languages we are running ads for, our pricing can vary significantly so it’s hard to give clear pricing without first discussing your project.  Please contact us to learn more about pricing for your project.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you market to a rapidly growing Arab audience on Instagram.


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