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Egypt PPC

Want to know more about Egypt PPC advertising? This article will take you through the ins and outs of this popular and effective form of advertising with information tailored to running your campaigns for an Egyptian market.

PPC advertising is not simple, and requires specific cultural and market knowledge to succeed, especially if Egypt is a new market for you. Read on to find out how best to approach Egypt PPC advertising, and how IstiZada can help you get there.


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What is PPC advertising?

So what is PPC advertising? While ads used to be played primarily on the TV or on billboards, the advent of the internet in the past 50 years has dramatically shifted global advertising strategies as countries all over the world continue to digitalize their economies. PPC is an essential player in this market. PPC stands for pay-per-click, and PPC ads can be found on web searches through engines like google. Here’s how these ads work.


Instead of paying directly for ad space, PPC advertising space is paid for by each individual click on the ad. That means that advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked on. When you google a query, certain ads show up at the top of the page, before your search results. These are PPC ads.


In order to gain PPC ad space, companies place a bid on the space. The bid specifies how much a company will pay the advertiser for each time their ad is clicked on. In order to ensure that you make a profit out of PPC ads, you have to be aware of how much profit each click will give you, as in how likely that consumer clicking your ad will turn them into a customer for your business. The payoff can be huge with PPC ads, but it requires a lot of specific audience and search engine knowledge to make sure your clicks will turn into results. Higher bids will get your ads better ad space, and lower bids will have your ad placed lower in the queue, so it’s a delicate balance.


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Why Advertise in Egypt

Egypt is an Arabic-speaking country in North Africa. While other Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East may be at the top of your head when it comes to business, like KSA or the UAE, Egypt is a rich market not to be missed out on.


Egypt has a 96% smartphone penetration rate, and internet usage in the country is steadily on the rise. Since the Covid-19 crisis kept many people in their homes, the government introduced programs to offset internet costs and provide discounts to students. Furthermore, over 50% of Egypt’s population are under the age of 25. This means that young, tech savvy consumers are constantly entering and growing the market in Egypt, so getting your foot in the door with Egypt PPC advertising is a great step towards engaging this market and building your business in Egypt.


Finally, Egyptian media (especially their films) are popular throughout all Arabic speaking countries as Egyptians are known for their sense of humour. Making a place for your business in Egypt puts you in the hands of the trend setters of the Middle East, an excellent move for your business venture.


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Mistakes to Avoid with Egypt PPC Advertising

As detailed above, Egyptian culture, media, and trends are popular and well known throughout the Middle East. As much as making a name for yourself in this country can set you up for success in the region, it can hurt your reputation if not done carefully. Egypt has a culture of strong social, religious, and family values. Understanding these values and designing your campaigns accordingly can put you two steps ahead. But not taking the time to understand Egyptian culture can lead to culturally inappropriate advertisements that can halt or ruin your reputation in the region.


Beyond the culture, wording and language are essential elements to consider, and where most of the mistakes are made. Arabic is the main spoken language in Egypt, and many of the population do not speak English. You’ll need to release ads in Arabic, but Arabic is not a simple language. There are many Arabic dialects, and they vary greatly between region. Egyptian Arabic is littered with phrases and cultural references that when used correctly could boost your reputation. But using flat, standard, Arabic language will get you nowhere with the youthful population. Not investing in a solid translator who is a native speaker in Egyptian Arabic is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to Egypt PPC advertising.


IstiZada’s Role

IstiZada can play a huge role in helping your Egypt PPC advertising campaigns thrive for an Egyptian market. Our consultants have the region-specific knowledge that you need when designing your campaigns. We offer a number of services that can help you.


When it comes to translation, IstiZada writers and translators can help you produce excellent ad copy that takes into account the semantics of Egyptian Arabic, as well as any cultural references or taboos that could make or break your ad. Our marketing experts can helps you incorporate Arabic SEO into your ads to get them seen and heard by the right audience.


Beyond cultural and linguistic know-how, our team at IstiZada is results-driven, meaning that we are fluent in ad strategy specifically in the Middle East. If your ad isn’t succeeding, our consultants can help you figure out why, and get you back on track.


Egypt’s youthful, tech-savvy population is an excellent place to focus your advertising, and PPC advertising, when done well, is an economical and efficient way to get your products out there. Don’t miss out on this opportunity- contact us at IstiZada today to get your campaign off on the right foot.

Jordan Boshers

Jordan Boshers is the Chief Digital Strategist at IstiZada, a digital agency that helps companies market to Arabs. He has 10+ years of experience running successful digital marketing campaigns in the Arab world. His insights into Arabic SEO helped him grow previously unknown websites to dominate Arabic niches on Google including growing one site from 0 to more than 1 million users monthly. Jordan has consulted for hundreds of companies including helping corporations like Amazon, Berlitz, and Exxon Mobil with their Arabic digital marketing. Learn more here or on LinkedIn.