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Arabic Ecwid SEO


Arabic Ecwid SEO


Welcome to the internet’s most detailed guide to Arabic Ecwid SEO! In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to for your Ecwid site to be successful in the Arab world with topics from background information to coding instructions to language. We hope you find the information helpful and are able to channel your new knowledge directly into a successful Arabic store.


The Most Important Part of Setup for an Arabic Ecwid Store

As Ecwid is an add-on to already existing websites, the most important part of setup for your new store needs to be ensuring all of the below steps are compatible with the site you already have. We know you have spent hours perfecting your current site, and we want to make sure you get to keep the aesthetics and features you have spent hours laboring over. Therefore, it takes a lot of work, communication, and testing to guarantee your Arabic site gets off the ground in a presentation you can be just as proud of.


How Do I Know if Ecwid is Right For My Business?

Ecwid, short for “Ecommerce widget”, is a unique ecommerce option that many global retailers absolutely love. Ecwid does what its name suggests, offering an accompanying widget store to previously established websites. In this way, it differs considerably from competitor platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, and Bigcommerce which allow you to generate and operate a standalone website. Therefore, if you already have a website you love that you want to add selling capabilities onto, Ecwid could be the perfect option for you! You get to keep your existing site without having to move all your information to another platform. Certainly ideal! Additionally, depending on your needs, costs can be kept really low. If you have less than 10 inventory items, you get the widget for free!


Ecwid Pricing Plan


How does Arabic Ecwid SEO Differ from other Arabic Ecommerce SEO?

As Ecwid is for businesses that have their own sites already, you are already ahead of many who have to start from scratch. But, it’s not all easy! You have to double-check that your current site and content are already Arabic SEO optimized before moving on to implementing the store. As the site will be the backbone of your store, you need to put in significant work to reach your intended Arab audience. Luckily for you, we have a comprehensive SEO Arabic guide for you to nail this crucial first step.


Arabic Themes For Ecwid

While other ecommerce platforms generally have bountiful free themes available for their users,

Ecwid only offers one free theme option. This is because, as a plugin, it depends on the currently existing theme of the site you have built. To appropriately use Ecwid in Arabic, you must ensure that your theme is compatible with Arabic and the right to left (RTL) format. Whether you are using Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress, or others, you must ensure your current theme (or whichever one you pic) is RTL compatible.



The Ecwid widget is integrated into your site or social media profile with only a few lines of HTML code. You can apply the same store into wherever you have inserted the code; an awesome pro to using Ecwid that allows exceptional flexibility for you and your brand. However, within this flexibility, there are a few constraints when it comes to Arabic. You need to ensure that your store and the Ecwid widget’s HTML code are compatible, even with RTL distinctions. Many times, this will mean you manually going into your site’s code and editing it manually to reflect the new language direction. If you have no coding experience, be vigilant as the wrong code can completely mess up the page.


Ecwid UI


Arabic URLs

Though they are definitely not necessary, it has been proven that Arabic URLs get marginally more internet traffic than English URLs, especially depending on the country and their language distribution. Similar to themes, whether or not you are able to adopt a URL for your own site depends on your website builder and if they allow it. However, one Ecwid specific note is that the widget does not allow you to personally customize each product’s URL. Instead, they generate one for you that you cannot change.


Manual Translation vs Machine Translation

To allow merchants from all around the world to effectively sell their products, Ecwid has done an excellent job incorporating dozens of foreign languages into their platform. Luckily for you, Arabic is one of the supported languages.To enable it, go to your control panel in the Settings -> Languages page. For basic translations, automated translation should be sufficient. However, for anything you would not want to be misinterpreted and that you want to be indexed in Google, you should absolutely find a fluent Arabic speaker to translate the content for you. Certain miscommunications can be disastrous whether related to shipping, returns, or even the description of the product. If you don’t have an established presence in the Arab World, reviews really matter and you need to do all you can to ensure you are delivering exactly what you say.


Ecwid Store Languages


Translated Content vs SEO Optimized Arabic Content

Significantly better for your business is if that fluent speaker also is an SEO expert. If you are investing in translation, it is better to invest in translated content that is proven to increase traffic and customers. Like SEO in any language, there are nuances to getting ranked, such as finding key terms and phrases and incorporating them appropriately into your content. The average translator will not be able to deliver these desired steps to make your website really stand out, especially if there is a certain country, city, or region of the Middle East to target. If you want help from our in-house SEO Arabic experts, contact us today.


Optimized Arabic titles, meta descriptions, and images

As Ecwid allows you to easily edit the title of your page and its meta description, you need to pay careful attention to the identified keywords in the previous step. As titles, Meta descriptions, and images are what come up first in a search engine, incorporating the most searched for terms and phrases into these prominent site identifiers will make you automatically rank higher. It will also ensure people choose your store first when faced with other options.


Other Issues to Optimize For

Different Plugins: Like other Ecommerce sites, Ecwid has a variety of plugins to improve functionality and user experience. One of the plugins you should consider is a paid currency converter so local customers can know exactly what they are spending. This feature has been proven to dramatically increase sales.

Shipping: Lucky for retailers in the Western Hemisphere, Ecwid offers free integration with many prominent shipping services. However, none of these options currently operate in the Middle East. Thus, you need to find a shipping solution and ensure it is compatible with Ecwid. Contact us for our recommendation here for 3PL partners in the region that will cut your shipping costs.



If you need help getting your Arabic Ecwid website ranking in Google, contact us to find out more about how we can help you increase your Ecwid store sales.


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