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Arabic App Store Optimization Service

Are you looking for help getting your Arabic app to rank in either the IOS or Play store? Let IstiZada help you increase your downloads and visibility in Arab markets on both iPhone and the Android store with our Arabic ASO services.

Arabic App Store Optimization Service


Why you need an Arab focused digital marketing agency for your ASO

If your aim is to get the maximum number of downloads in Arab markets, its key that you work with a digital marketing agency that has a clear understanding of ASO and native Arabic digital marketers on their team. Without a clear understanding of Arab demographics and their behavior online no marketer can effectively target Arabs and tailor their messaging to this demographic accurately. As an agency that is purely focused on Arabs we know the unique opportunities and challenges involved in marketing to Arabs. Since we have native Arabic speakers on the team we are able to do accurate and effective keyword research to make sure we target the right keywords for each campaign. In short we help you localize your app’s presence in the app store specifically for Arabs to get you great results in the Middle East region.
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Goals of App Store Optimization in the Middle East

The main and ultimate goal of App store optimization in the Middle East is to increase real downloads of your app. For most companies the end result of this goal will be more Arab users of your app that you can monetize through App purchases, in-app purchases, and advertising.

In addition to downloads and installs there are several other smaller goals of app store optimization. These include the following:

  • Improving your app page Arabic copy to increase downloads
  • Getting your app to rank for specific highly searched keywords
  • Improving and increasing your app reviews in Arabic


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A comprehensive list of what our ASO service includes is listed below.

  • Regional Keyword Research
  • Optimization of Arabic Title
  • Optimization of Arabic Description
  • Optimization of Arabic Benefits and Features for Arabs (Increases Download Rate)
  • Optimized Screen Shots for tailored Arabs
  • Acquisition of Middle East links to App Store Page(s)
  • Stay on top of trending searches and seasonal searches
  • Work with local website owners and blogs to get reviews and links back to your page
  • Inclusion of your app in Middle East App directories
  • Get well optimized reviews for Arab marketing with Target keywords (only for android Play Store)


If you’re ready to start getting more downloads of your app in the Arab world contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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Jordan Boshers

Jordan Boshers is the Chief Digital Strategist at IstiZada, a digital agency that helps companies market to Arabs. He has 10+ years of experience running successful digital marketing campaigns in the Arab world. His insights into Arabic SEO helped him grow previously unknown websites to dominate Arabic niches on Google including growing one site from 0 to more than 1 million users monthly. Jordan has consulted for hundreds of companies including helping corporations like Amazon, Berlitz, and Exxon Mobil with their Arabic digital marketing. Learn more here or on LinkedIn.