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Jubna Ad Network


Jubna Arabic Ad Network


When advertising in a foreign country, it is important to keep track of the popular and most prolific regional names in your industry. If you’re advertising in the Middle East, you’re likely to have heard of Jubna Ad network. This article will cover everything you need to know about this network when advertising in Arabic in the Middle East.


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About Jubna Ad Network

Jubna Ad Network was launched in 2014. It was intended to revolutionize advertising in the rapidly digitizing Arab world. Their focus is online journalism and digital advertising in the MENA region. They are well-known in the MENA region for their technological advances and productivity  in the world of advertising.


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What Does Jubna Ad Network Do?

Jubna bridges the gap between advertisers and consumers by placing ads in front of users. They have a signature native ad format for inserting ads into editorial feeds and pages for a seamless advertising experience. They employ algorithms and machine-learning to make advertising campaigns a success. They help facilitate the advertising placement process start to finish.


Jubna Ad Network


Where are they located?

Jubna Ad network has three offices. The first and primary office is in Dubai, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. They also have an office in Noida, India. Finally, they have a North American office in Toronto, Canada. Though only physically existing in these three offices, Jubna distributes ads throughout the Middle East and Arabic speaking countries.



Reviews for Jubna Ad Network

Jubna is a well-known ad network in the Middle East which is generally considered to be reputable. However, it is important to dive into specific reviews to ensure that using this network is the right decision for you. Here is a little insight into reviews on Jubna ad network:


There are two ways to use Jubna ad network, as an advertiser and as a publisher. For those who want to make money by letting Jubna post ads on their site, this reviewer states that “Jubna ads works perfectly” and “makes it easier to improve your website”. The reviewer did specify, however, that your site has to be already well-optimized to make money through Jubna.


Most of the reviews online about Jubna ad network are centered around how they work for publishing, and the general consensus is that Jubna is a legitimate way for publishers to make extra money on their site.  However, Jubna has posted a few case studies on their site that reveal some of their successes they have made for advertisers. These brief case studies can give you a better idea of what Jubna can do for your company, by illustrating how they brought success to other companies like Basma, Evest, and Forskolin. You can read about these case studies here.


Overall, Jubna is a popular and well established ad networking in the Middle East. Their technolgies make them indispensable in the ad placement industry of the region, and they are a good choice for both advertisers and publishers to look into for an extra boost to their business.

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