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IstiZada Ecommerce PPC Case Study – Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky Lab came to IstiZada to help them improve the performance of their Middle East PPC campaigns in Arabic and English. Having worked with other agencies Kaspersky wasn’t happy with the performance of their Middle East account and wanted to see if they could significantly increase their number of online sales by working with a leader in Arab World marketing.


Increase ecommerce sales of the Kaspersky Lab’s software through Pay Per Click Advertising while maintaining a reasonable cost per acquisition.


IstiZada used a variety of techniques to consistently improve the performance of the Adwords campaigns. These included the following:

  • Creation and optimization of Landing Pages Tailored to Arab Consumers
  • Improving Ad copy in both English and Arabic
  • Cutting poorly performing keywords and ads and reallocating budgets to top performers
  • Creating and tailoring ads for specific countries like KSA
  • Remarketing



Through ongoing improvements we were able to increase the number of sales through PPC by 128%, more than doubling their revenue from Middle East. In addition to this through A/B split testing ads we discovered unique country level insights that we could use consistently in ad-copy writing that made a huge difference in the performance of many ads over time.