Arabic Character Limits for Adwords Ads

arabic character limits for adwords ads

If you are running PPC campaigns in multiple languages its important to know the character limits for each line within your Google Adwords ad to best utilize the ad space provided to you. However, if you wanted to run an Arabic PPC campaign you might be surprised to find that there is a lot of conflicting information on the web about character limits for Arabic ad texts. Many websites that discuss this topic reference information that is out dated or inaccurate. These sites appear to state that your ad title should be 12 characters and each line of the ad text should be just 17 Arabic characters but this isn’t accurate. By doing a search for any product that will bring up Arabic ads within the Middle East region you quickly realize that Arabic advertisement texts are much longer than the limits mentioned above.

For example if we do a search for “evening dresses” in Arabic within Saudi Arabia we get the following results.


Arabic Character Limits

As you can see from the 3rd ad there are much more than 12 Arabic characters in the ad headline and more than 17 characters in each line of ad text.


The Real Arabic Character Limits in Adwords Ad Texts

So what are the Adwords Arabic character limits for their search ad-texts? Well, they are pretty much the same as character limits in English. I say mostly the same because I have seen examples of Arabic ad headlines that exceed the standard 25 characters by one character.

Here are the current accurate character limits for Arabic ads in Google Adwords.


Example Arabic Ad Text Maxium Arabic Character Length
Headline: أحلى فساتين سهرة‏ 25 characters
Description line 1: تسوقي فساتين سهرة الآن 35 characters
Description line 2: احدث الموديلات بأرخص أسعار 35 characters
Display URL:فساتين 35 characters


As a final note it’s worth mentioning that despite the fact that Arabic ads now contain as many characters as English ads on the Google results page, Arabic ads still occupies less page real estate. See the example below.

English to Arabic Ad comparison

This may just be a reality that will remain the same for some time as Arabic is often written in a smaller looking font than English. I hope this post was useful and that it helps others avoid confusion about character limits in the future.



Jordan Boshers

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