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Arabic Keyword Research Service

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO campaign and that’s no different in Arabic.  Arabic keyword research consulting should be done whether you are planning on translating an existing website from another language into Arabic or you are planning on creating an entirely new site in the Arabic language.  Search behavior is significantly different across the Middle East and North Africa compared to other parts of the world, so it should not be assumed that a simple translation of your existing keywords would suffice to target your audience correctly in the Arab world. Since many industries in the Middle East have very limited competition, even in 2020 and beyond, finding the right keywords to target and writing content about those keywords can be enough to rank in the first positions on Google even if you have few links to your website.

arabic keyword research


Why work with IstiZada for your keyword research project

If you haven’t noticed already IstiZada is obsessed with Arabs and the Arab world. In fact we won’t work with companies unless they are at least looking to target Arabs on some level. As an Arab focused agency that specializes in Arabic SEO we’ve done Arabic keyword research for a wide variety of clients across many industries. From ecommerce to lead generation websites we’ve done in-depth research that’s helped clients target keywords that significantly increased their leads, sales, and traffic.


Reasons for undertaking Arabic keyword research

arabic keyword research

Determining potential keyword traffic

Proper keyword research can help you determine search volumes for your keywords across various countries in the MENA region.  Are you wondering if there are enough searches around a particular set of Arabic keywords in Saudi Arabia to make it worth while to market to that region?  Through a country level analysis of Google search traffic in each country across the Middle East we can give you a better idea of what keywords can bring you the most ROI for your marketing dollars in each country and region.

Discovering missed opportunities

Discovering untapped opportunities is a central part of the keyword research process.  Through using a variety of tools and analysis techniques we are able to help you discover both short and long-tail keyword variations in Arabic. With unique insight into Arab culture and search patterns that show up in the Arabic language online we aim to reveal the keywords that are going to be vital to the market you are targeting.  Do you plan to go after more than just and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) keywords and target specific Arab regions with words in their own dialect?  Do you want to understand the differences in how someone from the GCC might search for something as compared to someone from Egypt?  Our research process aims to reveal these differences so you avoid missing out on potential opportunities in the region.

Helping you decide which keywords are the most important

Revealing keyword priority is also an important part of our analysis.  The last thing any company wants to do is spend time focusing too heavily on a keyword that might describe what they do but isn’t going to result in an increase in sales.  There are many examples of keywords that appear to have high search traffic numbers but when you dive deeper into searcher intent for that keyword you find they are looking for something totally different than the product or service you offer.  During our research process one of our aims is to separate out keywords that have a higher potential to drive more ROI in the Middle East from those keywords that are unlikely to result in increased sales or online conversions.  Additionally, some keywords in the Arabian Gulf, as in other places, can be more competitive than others.  As part of our process our goal is to help you segment the keywords that are going to be easy to rank for from the keywords that will be hard to rank for.  By doing this we allow you to discover the low hanging fruit opportunities that can earn you some quick wins in the region.

Understanding which keywords your competitors are targeting

Do you have competition in the Middle East? Our Arabic keyword research process also includes the analysis of your top competitors’ websites to see what keywords they are targeting in the region.  Even if you don’t have direct competitors in the MENA region you may find that you do have indirect competitors in some countries.  Websites that are ranking on the first page of Google for the keywords you want to go after can be valuable sources of keyword information that we can draw from as well even if these sites aren’t competitors.


How the Arabic keyword analysis and selection process works

We start by setting up a meeting with you and your team to determine your goals for your online marketing efforts in the Middle East.  Before or during this meeting we ask you to provide us with all relevant information that could impact our keyword research efforts.  This may include but is limited to a list of Arabic speaking countries you plan on having a presence in, a list of the current keywords you are targeting in English, and any additional research you have done on the region.  Once the meeting is complete our goal is to have a good understanding of your company, your industry, and your target audience.  After the meeting we take all the information you have provided us with and begin the research process in Arabic. Our native Arabic speakers use a variety of tools and analysis methods to discover a comprehensive list of keywords in your industry that we than begin to filter and expand on based on the information you have provided us and other industry research.   From there we do additional research to reveal any Arabic dialect differences that may influence the keywords we are targeting in different regions.  After this step is completed we work on the prioritization of the keywords and filter out any keywords that prove to be irrelevant.  When we have finalized the keyword prioritization we come back to you to present our findings.  If additional insight is revealed during our presentation we can always do further analysis and consult with you about our new findings.


Arabic Speaking Countries and Regions

It’s important to note that we can do Arabic keyword research for specific countries, regions, or for Arabic speakers across the globe. Some of the common regions we do keyword research for include the GCC, the MENA Region, The Levant, and North Africa. Here is a complete list of Arabic speaking countries we can do keyword research for.


Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates



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