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IstiZada Travel Industry Lead Generation Case Study


Kings Avenue came to IstiZada in early 2014 looking for help attracting more Arab leads. As a website that rents luxury chalets in the Swiss Alps to wealthy customers for hundreds of thousands of euros for a single trip they saw wealthy Gulf Arabs as a key source of leads but their European marketing agency wasn’t delivering these types of leads on a regular basis.


Attract more wealthy Arab leads at a reasonable cost per lead.


IstiZada used Google Adwords and our unique understanding of the GCC and wealthy consumers to craft ads that appealed to this demographic in text and as banner ads. We targeted a variety of keywords in both Arabic and English that these wealthy consumers search for and we used our ongoing account optimization to refine our targeting and messaging. We also used remarketing ads to draw interested visitors back to the website.


Website form submissions increased significantly, resulting in anywhere from a 300% to a 900% increase depending on the season on in-website leads compared to what the previous company delivered them. In addition to this, according to the client, phone call leads increased significantly. Kings Avenue has remained one of our most satisfied clients in the travel industry since 2014.


 “Before we came to IstiZada for help we saw Arab markets as a great source of customers for our luxury chalet holidays in the Swiss and French Alps. Our challenge was we struggled to get consistent leads from wealthy Gulf Arab nations with our marketing efforts at the time. IstiZada helped us by using online marketing campaigns in Arabic & English targeted to Arabs to drive new leads. Now we have a steady stream traffic and new leads coming in from Gulf Markets.”

Paul Schavemaker, Kings Avenue