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IstiZada Facebook Advertising Case Study for MyUS



MyUS, a shipping consolidator and forwarder that helps global consumers buy products from the US and ship them to their home country came to IstiZada for help increasing the signups for their service among Arabs on Facebook.


To attract new Arab customers at a $25 dollar advertising cost per customer within 3 months.


IstiZada used Facebook ads with advanced demographic targeting.  We segmented demographic groups and then developed different tailored ads for each group with different messaging. Campaigns could be seen in the GCC in both Arabic and English. Additionally, IstiZada localized, translated, and recorded Arabic versions of their video that explained their service to make it easier for Arabs to understand.


Due to well-designed ads and great targeting IstiZada hit the target cost per acquisition goal within a week even though we had up to 3 months to achieve this result. We were able to scale MyUS new signups from Facebook in the Arab World to a far greater level than they expected and bring the cost per signup down to less than half the price of their original cost per signup goal. Due to the great results MyUS continued after the original test term and signed up with IstiZada for additional marketing services.