E-Commerce in the Middle East

Ecommerce in the Middle East


The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the entire world. While it is still nowhere near as developed or complex as the markets in the United States or many countries in Europe, the region is experiencing an undeniable boom. It is estimated that online sales in the Middle East currently equal only a meager 4% of total retail revenue, as opposed to 15% in more developed regions. In the Gulf States, E-commerce revenue is expected to grow at a rate of nearly 11% annually between 2023 and 2027, reaching USD $49.78 billion annually by 2027, up from USD $32.85 billion in 2023. E-commerce in the Gulf States alone was estimated to quadruple from the $5 billion in profits seen in 2015 to $20 billion before 2020. There are some analysts that are even reporting estimated profits of $48.8 billion in 2021. Currently, almost 90% of online goods bought in the Middle East are still shipped from outside countries, but this is changing rapidly. As a result, there is huge potential for e-commerce profit during this modern age in the Middle East. (more…)

Cash on delivery – Ecommerce in the Middle East

The Middle East has been a late bloomer when it comes to the arena of e-commerce but innovative payment methods like cash on delivery (COD) are opening up the region to growth in E-commerce revenues.  Given that many consumers in the Middle East don’t have or use credit cards, COD in the Middle East has become a popular payment method that allows Arab consumers to buy products online.

cash on delivery ecommerce in the middle east

Cash on delivery isn’t new in the Middle East as many traditional retailers and shipping services have accepted this form of payment for decades if not centuries.  What is new is the idea to use this payment method in combination with e-commerce which traditionally has been done primarily through the use of credit cards. (more…)