SEO in Saudi Arabia

seo in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is a booming online market in the Middle East with a vast amount of opportunity for those looking to market their products and services in the region. In this article we will discuss some of the facets of reaching a Saudi Arabian audience with your search engine optimization efforts. Of course no one article can sum up all the strategies for reaching an audience in the KSA but here we will go into 6 keys to Saudi Arabia SEO.

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Arab Search Behavior in 2014

arab search behavior in 2014

Though many would assume that search behavior in the Middle East is similar to search behavior in other regions of the world there are some important differences we found when interviewing none English speaking Arabs.  Since this post is written in English and many English speaking Arabs might read it I want to start by saying that not all Arabic speakers search online in this way.  The point of this post is to make note of the fact some Arabs do search in this way and that it might be worth considering this when you are formulating an online marketing strategy for the Middle East. (more…)

Middle East Search Engines – What you need to know

middle east search engines

When seeking to target any region of the world online it is a good idea to have an understanding of which regional search engines you need to target. This is no different when targeting countries in the Middle East.  Unlike many other regions in the world the Middle East does not have an alternative to Google that dominates the region. Despite this there are some important observations to make about Middle East Search Engines that we will go into more detail about here.